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Addendum for New Retail Alcohol License Applications
Addendum for Retail Alcohol License Amendment Applications
Addendum for Retail Alcohol License Renewal or Ownership Update Applications
Alley Cost Share Program Application Request
Application for Alarm Business License
Application for Alarm System Permit
Application for Designated Parking for Persons with Disabilities (Residential)
Application For Mobile Food Unit License & Permit
Application For Mobile Food Unit Special Occurrence Permit
Application for Resident Only Parking Zone
Board and Commission Application
Building Permit (Commercial & Residential) App
Business License - Pawnbroker, Second-Hand & Junk Dealer License Application
Business License - Standard Application
Car Seat Installation
CitiBus Complaint/Incident Form
Citizen Hearing Request for Animal Control Notice
Citizen Hearing Request for Billing Notice
Citizen Hearing Request for Junk/Debris Notice
Citizen Hearing Request for Notice/Order to Remove vehicle
City Supplemental Specifications (Engineering, Design, & Construction)
Collection Agency Client Experience Assessment
Current Tenant Lookup Registration
Davenport Watersheds - Questions, Comments, and Concerns
Development (All) Step 1 Application
Downtown Davenport Pet Waste Station Bag Request
Electrical Permit (Commercial & Residential Work) Application
Employee Hazard Recognition Form
Entertainment License Application
Environmental Review Request for HUD Projects
Excavation Permit Application
Fair and Impartial Policing Train-the-Trainer Course
Fire Department Explorer Program Registration
Flood Assistance Programs
Flood Plain Review
Garbage / Refuse Truck Business License Application
Good Neighbor Project Registration
Halloween Parade Application
Key Request - City Staff
Landlord Education Assistance Program - Certification of Completion
Mechanical Permit (Commercial & Residential Work) Application
Metal Recycler and Salvage Operators License Application
Mobile Food Cart - Property Owner Registration
Outside Agency Funding Application
Outside Water Consumption Application
Parking Ticket Appeal Form
Plumbing Permit (Commercial & Residential) Application
Proclamation Request
Questions, Comments & Ideas
Questions, Comments & Ideas - Civil Rights
Action Items 1-50 of 80