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Resident Parking Only SignResident Parking Only (RPO) zones are installed on streets where off-street parking for residents is very limited and people from outside the residential neighborhood often occupy available on-street parking. Use the form below to apply for a Resident Parking Only Zone, or to let us know if you no longer wish to have a Resident Parking Only Zone. 

Resident Parking Only Zone Process

When a request for a RPO zone is requested, staff will conduct a parking survey to see if the street is occupied by vehicles owned by people from outside of the neighborhood and to check on the availability of off-street parking for residents. If the parking is heavily occupied by vehicles from outside the neighborhood and residents have little or no off-street parking, a survey is sent to everyone in the neighborhood to see if all affected residents wish to create a Resident Parking Only Zone. If a consensus is met from the neighborhood, City staff will typically create the requested parking zone. Resident Parking Only Zones are generally only established in areas that are at least one-half block long. If one resident in the middle of a block does not want the zone, but everyone else does, the whole block will be included in the zone. Excluding one house in a zone leads to more sign clutter and confusion among drivers.

If it is determined, based on the above, that a Resident Parking Only Zone should be established, the request then goes to City Council to modify the Schedule of Ordinances. The process of going through Council is that the ordinance must be considered three times, which may take up to two months before final approval of the parking zone is achieved.

Once approved by Council through ordinance amendment, the City will install Resident Parking Only Zone signs in the designated area. Once the zone is in place, anyone who parks in the zone must have a permit or risk a $25 parking ticket.

Each address located in the Resident Parking Only Zone is allowed two permits for vehicles owned by the residents and two permits for guests. Permits cost $5 per year per vehicle. 

How can I get a Resident Only Parking Zone Removed?

The process for removing a Resident Parking Only Zone is very similar to the one for installing it. Start the process by completing the form below and asking for the zone to be removed with the reasons for removal. Traffic Engineering staff will poll the affected residents and if there is a consensus, we will begin the process to remove it. The removal of a resident parking only zone also requires three considerations, so the process for removal does take about three months.

Questions?  Contact Traffic Engineering at 563.326.7923.

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