Urban Chicken Permit Application

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The Davenport City Council has recently passed an ordinance that allows for urban chickens in the City. The ordinance includes restrictions designed to ensure safe, clean and quiet operation of chicken coops with minimal disruption to the neighborhood, including:

  • Limit of six hens (no roosters allowed)

  • Required separation from property lines and adjoining dwellings (See Graphic)

  • Standards regarding construction of coops and their cleanliness.

  • The City requires proof that the applicant has completed a class in raising urban chickens.

Applicants are also required to submit

  • Legible site plan showing location of proposed chicken coop/tractor. Facility must be placed at least 25 feet from all dwellings.  

  • Documentation of successful completion of an approved class in raising chickens in an approved setting. There are no local in-person classes being offered currently. The City recommends the following webinar class offered by the Iowa State Extension: https://store.extension.iastate.edu/product/15129 You must register to view the 25-minute course and  the cost is $25.

  • The tract of land to be permitted shall contain only one single family dwelling occupied and used as such by the permittee.  Owner permission shall be required if the single family dwelling is occupied by someone other than then owner. 
  • Please print or take a photo of your site plan and the Certificate of Completion following the webinar and submit a copy. 

    Files may be submitted to the City by emailing them to businesslicenses@davenportiowa.com or by delivering them to the Revenue division at 226 W. 4th street.

    Contact the City’s Revenue Division for more information at 563-326-7795

    *Please be advised, the application review process will not begin until all required files are received

    View the adopted ordinance for other requirements. Failure to meet the requirements of this ordinance may be grounds for revocation.

    The property may be inspected from time to time to ensure compliance.

    * A new license must be applied for if you relocate.

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